Attention Project Visitors

We are thrilled you are visiting our Kindergarten Collaborative Project.  We hope you find inspiration in seeing primary students study trends over time while learning geography skills.  We do have room for one classroom if you are a kindergarten teacher yourself.  Please email if you are interested in joining us for the next couple of months.


Here Birdy, Birdy Project Update

Our project kindergartners have gathered some excellent data over their bird feeders and have started to see some common trends between stations.  It seems that brown birds are the most popular at every team station.  Here are the stats so far: We've had 373 birds visit our feeders in the fall months.  That sure is a lot of birds!  Brown has definitely been the most popular visitor, but now that we're in winter, the gray and black birds are showing up more often.  You can see the data divded up by month on the Fall Bird Feeder Graph Page and more information below.  We've even included a visual map to help show you what colors visit what feeders most often.








Who are the teams?

Classroom #1 Andale, Kansas Classroom #2 Fort Worth, Texas Classroom #3 - Oakdale, Pennsylvania Classroom #4 - Brookfield, Connecticut Classroom #5 -  Tres Rios, Costa Rica




How long will the project run?

We'll launch the project on the first day of Autumn, and end on the first day of Spring.  



What Math standards will be addressed through the project?