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Kindergarten Curiousities

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Welcome to the Kindergarten Curiousities Page

Have your students discovered some interesting facts or trends?  Had questions they would like to ask the other teams?  Or have made some remarkable statements during the project?  How about you?  Have you noticed student reactions when birds show up at the feeders?  This is the page to sound off and communicate with the other teams.  Use this page as a diary of sorts to be filled out as new things spark your imagination.






School Name and Team Color




What comments, facts, or questions do you have?




1-17-08 Center Elementary School - Red Team We have gone through 20 pounds of bird seed so far this year

Donaldson Elementary School - Blue Team

Well, someone has been visiting our feeder during the night. Today we could tell that seed was taken and some was scattered on the window sill outside our room. Maybe the birds are finally finding us up here on the second floor. We saw one lonely crow last week

Donaldson Elementary School - Blue Team

We have finally seen our visitor. It is a large black crow who appeared at our feeder yesterday and again today while we were in school. It, or they, have eaten about 1/2 cup of birdseed in two days

Donaldson Elementary School - Blue Team

Hello from Pennsylvania! The crows must have visited us over the weekend. When we came in today the feeder was empty. We added a cup of seed this morning






 Andale Elementary Yellow Team



Today we saw a mama Redbird and a finch at our bird feeder.  We were very excited to see new birds at the feeder!







Donaldson Elementary School - Blue Team



Hooray!  We finally are seeing sparrows at our feeder during the day.






 Donaldson Elementary School - Blue Team


Good Morning on a very cold Monday morning! 7 degrees Farenheit!!! We had a 2 hour delay due to the cold. Last week our crows came back more frequently and we now have some smaller birds, too. They are probably sparrows. We have seen a lot of them around one tree at the edge of the school grounds.







 Donaldson Elementary School - Blue Team

WOW!  We saw a lot of birds on Wednesday when it was cold here and we were covered with  about 7 inches of snow.  The birds that we are now seeing are called dark eyed juncos.  We found photos on the Internet and learned about them.








 Fort Worth, TX - Orange Team



 We've had a great time watching for birds and studying the different birds that have come to our feeder. So far, our most common guest is the house sparrow, but we have also seen mourning doves, a blue jay and a Carolina chickadee.







 Donaldson Elementary School - Blue Team 


 This week our special visitor was a little brown striped sparrow who came and sat in the birdfeeder and ate.  We think she liked being safe from the cold and snowy weather.







Andale Elementary - Yellow Team



This week we saw more birds and our weather was very windy and we had a storm last night.  Some of us even lost our electricity.  We think there will be more birds this week.  We'll keep you posted to see if our prediction is correct.


Comments (1)

Anonymous said

at 10:28 am on Feb 11, 2008

We are happy that the little sparrows are coming to our feeder during the day. Now we can watch for them.

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