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Photo Gallery

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Welcome to the Here Birdy Photo Gallery

The place where all the little birdies smile and say "cheese"


Photo Round 1 - The Bird Feeders

Let's compare and contrast the team feeders.

Fort Worth, TX birdfeeder

Here is the bird feeder from Fort Worth Texas. The birdies will be excited to eat all this yummy seed. This is the bird feeder we are using in Andale, KS. It is right outside our classroom window.

Here is our bird feeder from Center Elementary School in Brookfield CT. We placed it in the courtyard to keep away the squirrels and mice.

Bird feederof the IEM, Costa Rica.    

This is the bird feeder that we are using at the IEM, in Costa Rica.

  For a while we watched crows and turkeys on   the ground from our 2nd floor classroom.        We   now have a small birdfeeder attached to  our window.  We hope that the little birds      find us soon.  We are waiting patiently.         



Photo Round 2 - Our Drawings

Kindergarteners are excellent artists, so we're asking them to share with us their own illustrations of the birds that have visited our feeders lately. 


This is just one of our drawings.  CLICK HERE to see all of Andale's illustrations in a full screen slideshow.


Here is the drawing from Ft. Worth.  The birds are very colorful in Texas, and we love the rainbow.  Great illustration.


Here is a photo of one the dark eyed juncos that we saw this week at our feeder.  The male is dark gray and the female is brown. Donaldson Elementary School-Blue Group



 Here are pictures of the Andale, KS students adding their daily data collection on the SMARTboard and adding birdseed into the feeder.

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